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Tax Obligation


Obligation It is a term that comes from Latin required and that refers to something that a person It is forced to make a legal imposition or a moral requirement. The obligation creates a link that leads the subject to do or refrain from doing something according to the laws or regulations.

Tax , meanwhile, is that pertaining to or relative to tribute , a concept that can be used to name the delivery of money to the State for public charges. A tribute, in that sense, is a tax .

The tax obligation is the link that is established by law between the creditor (the State) and the tax debtor (natural or legal persons) and whose objective is the compliance with the tax benefit . Because it is an obligation, it can be demanded coercively.

The taxpayer, in this way, has a payment obligation from the legal link . Thanks to the taxes, the State can be paid and develop public works.

Through the payment of taxes, the taxpayer helps to develop each service he receives since the State takes advantage (or should take advantage of) the resources he collects through the tax obligation to invest in its creation and making available to the people. This is what is known as the consideration, since citizens give a percentage of their income so that the State meet part of its needs, among which are the following points, all essential for a country to develop:

* drain;
* public transport;
* the sewerage network;
* the construction and maintenance of centers Health;
* the fire department;
* construction and repair of buildings and public roads, which includes roads, tunnels and bridges;
* design and implementation of specific projects and programs to support entrepreneurs, both micro and small and medium-sized businesses;
* Delivery of subsidies of various types, essential for many educational and labor ventures.

In the event that the person fails to comply with his tax obligation, the State may proceed to punish him as stipulated by law. The payment of one penalty fee , the commercial disqualification or until imprisonment Sanctions are possible.

Generally, the tax obligation has to be paid before a term stipulated If a tax expires on day 5 of each month and the obligated subject does not pay, as of 6 It will already be missing. It is usual that, if the obligation is remedied in the following days, the person can pay a penalty and avoid other penalties, among which are execution costs, collection of surcharges and the review by the tax authorities.

Failure to comply with the tax obligation is very common in many countries and, within the commercial sphere, is usually associated with certain items in particular. Having exposed the use that the State should make of the money collected in the collection of taxes, as well as the consequences that non-payment can bring, the presence of another variable becomes evident to lead so many people to commit this lack.

How do you get to a situation in which the people stop trusting the legitimacy of their government and decide to go against the rules? In general, those who evade the payment of their taxes affirm that their crimes are a consequence of the bad administration on the part of the politicians, as if a crime justified the commission of the other. However, the best way to end corruption is to fight with clean hands, try to build a better future with existing tools.